State sovereignty resolution for Nebraska


The Omaha World-Herald reports that three Nebraska state senators are considering introduction of a resolution during the next legislative session that would reaffirm our state’s sovereignty under the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.   Senators Tony Fulton (Lincoln), Mark Christensen (Imperial), and Ken Schilz (Ogallala) all express concerns about the ongoing power grab by the Federal government. 

There are critics, of course, who call such measures “little more than political posturing.”  Lincoln Senator Bill Avery (Democrat and UNL Emeritus Professor of Political Science)  plays the race card early, claiming such resolutions are “disturbingly similar” to arguments made against federal civil rights legislation.   

In Iowa, a similar resolution was stalled in committee by the Democrat  controlled state government.   Why not put it to a vote?  What harm can it do if it’s nothing more than political posturing?  Curious how so many Democrats object to such toothless resolutions. 

A resolution reaffirming Nebraska’s state sovereignty would send a message to our representatives in Washington D.C.   Adding our voice to the growing chorus of states proposing, and passing, similar resolutions should put the Federal government on notice.   Given the tone deafness in D.C., I don’t expect the Obama regime to even blink at the growing resentment among state governments, but it’s a start.   

A 10th Amendment Resolution is just the first step.  Senators Fulton, Christensen and Schilz should be prepared to back it up with something more substantial when the time comes.   Senator Avery should drop the race card, and explain why would oppose such a measure. 

Would Governor Dave sign a 10th Amendment Resolution?  I have my doubts.  He seems quite content to take federal handouts.  Not all, but enough.

The Tenth Amendment Center has an interactive map showing states that have introduced, passed, or rejected similar resolutions.  It’s worth a look.

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