I wish I was in D.C.

9/12 Tea Party in D.C.

9/12 Tea Party in D.C.

 Coverage on CSPAN (noon to 4, CST) and Fox (noon -2)

Organizers were hoping for 20,000 to 200,000.  AP and the NYT are saying “thousands” (H/T American Thinker).   Capitol Police estimate 1.2 MILLION.  ABC says 2 million, FWIW.  ABC is probably using inflated estimates “leaked” by Pelosi & friends.  ABC says they never gave that figure.  1 million is sounding plausible, say Vodkapundit.   UPDATED: Via Vodkapundit, 2 MILLION might not be far-fetched after all. 

Keep in mind, this is just D.C.  Tea Parties are happening in cities across the country:  Dallas, Quincy, Illinois, New York, San Francisco…  At least 61 scheduled events around the country.  Other groups taking it on the road, and heading to D.C. (listed at FreedomWorks).

UPDATED:  Plenty of good photos at RedState.  Photos from Quincy IL at Gateway Pundit, where the crowd was estimated at 12,000! 2000-2200, per the Quincy Herald Whig (thanks for the correction Bill!).

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4 Responses to “WOW!!”

  1. hoboduke Says:

    Amen to us being the land of the free! Nobody is waiting for permission to tell the nation’s capital how the “silent majority” ain’t waiting to be told what to do. We are leading by action, and God bless our Republic!

  2. bill Says:

    Quincy was estimated at about 2500 … which looked like the max from pics I saw

  3. bill Says:

    that is the local blog that sponsored the Quincy gathering … I figured more would attend with Breitbart there and St Louis pushing it a little … but still it’s a crowd.

    • Beth Says:

      Thanks for the correction and the link, Bill. I was hoping for more given they were pulling in folks from neighboring states. Regardless of the size, it sends a message. Now if those in power would just listen…

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