Post-election fallout

Didn’t follow any of the election results last night, so I’m just now processing everything. 

Hoffman’s loss in NY23 is disappointing, but still served its purpose of putting the establishment GOP on notice.  Given that Scozzawhatever is as liberal as any Democrat, voters in NY23 would have been S.O.L. either way, had Hoffman not run.

I like Roger Simon’s take on NY23:  Hoffman lost because he made a big deal out of being socially conservative, as well as fiscally conservative, and American’s are fed up with government intrusion from either side.  I didn’t realize Hoffman was making such an issue of Scozzawhatever’s pro-gay-marriage views, but Simon makes sense. 

It would be interesting to see how a fiscally conservative candidate would fare without any socially conservative baggage.  I’m not necessarily saying they shouldn’t be socially conservative.  Doesn’t matter much to me. As a limited government kind of gal, I think government stop regulating/dictating social issues, period.  It would likely be tough for a candidate to keep the focus solely on fiscal issues, since the leftwing media equates conservatism with social conservatism, and downplays fiscal issues.  Republicans in D.C. haven’t helped themselves in that regard.

Elsewhere, Dems suffered a swift kick in the nuts as New Jersey and Virgina voted Republican.  Virginia was a blowout.  Not only did the Republican candidate win the Governor’s seat, but they also won as Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General.  And in New Jersey, Christie won despite all of the help from Obama, $$$$$, and ACORN/WFP/Democrat efforts to steal the election.  (Decent recaps and a multitude of links can be found here.)

Gotta love the leftwing media spin:  these elections don’t mean a thing.   This was not a referendum on Obama. Move along.  Except for NY23, where Owen’s win proves without question that Americans still love their lord and master, Obama, and the rest of the Democratic party. 

Here’s the spin from the alternative universe of the Washington Times: Democrats: GOP backlash likely in ’10.  In short, the tea partiers and other right-wing “fringe” elements are pushing more sensible moderate GOP to the right, which will alienate independents and moderates, who will then rush to the warm, welcoming embrace of the Democratic party.  In addition, conservatives and other third-party candidates will continue to divide and weaken the GOP because, as the ever-thoughtful Chucky Schumer observes, “The race in New York shows [Republicans] can’t be united.”  That’s the idea, anyway.  I suspect the GOP will come around to some extent, in the interest of self-preservation.

A little perspective from C. Edmund Wright, at American Thinker:

The Democrats did not lose a 2-1 squeaker last night. They lost two huge races, saw an overall evaporation of 25 basis points of support — and lost by nearly 500 thousand votes cumulatively in the three high profile elections. 

Or put another way, Republicans won two races decided by millions of voters — and Democrats won a small race dominated by party operatives. In addition, the GOP made some historic gains in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Washington state special elections to boot.

What do the losses in NJ and VA mean for Obamacare? 

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann call it a “deathblow“.  Saw headlines yesterday (or Monday?) that a vote on Obamacare could be put off until 2010.  Last Friday, Harry Reid admitted there is no senate bill.   More Democrats are backing away from Obamacare, while progressive thugs such as threaten any politician who doesn’t tow the party line.  It’s not a done deal.

However, the W.H. has so much invested in some sort of health care reform passing that it’s hard to imagine them giving up.  We’re talking about Obama’s legacy here. Not to mention massive, irreversible government expansion.  If they ramp up the it’s-the-Republican’s-fault spin, we might have a chance.

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